[TVB Innovation GPS] Brand-new AR pet virtual avatar function, transcending life and death to keep love forever

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We are happy to share exciting news with you all! Recently, our team was interviewed by TVB and featured in the program "Innovation GPS"!

Petamory is the first product of us (Metamory), it combines pets and Augmented Reality (AR), bringing virtual pets into your life, you can interact, learn and grow with them as much as you want, leaving precious memories between your pets and you. With this technology, you can even create an account for a lost pet with photos, videos, sounds, and 3D models (we provide this service!) and commemorate your pets in AR, perpetuating the relationship between you and it. It breaks the gap between life and death, and preserves these memories so that you can be reviewed and shared at any time.

In Petamory, we've developed a robust community engagement feature that allows pet owners to connect, share, and support each other on their pet's memorial journey. This is a platform where you can find like-minded people who resonate with you and understand the love and loss that comes with being a pet owner. Whether you're looking for advice, a story to share, or just looking for a reassuring ear, our community is here to provide you with comfort and companionship.

Want to know more about us? Let’s watch the interview video and download our Petamory mobile app now!