petamory celebrates the lifelong bond between pets and owners

Petamory provides pet owners with a unique and innovative solution to record and cherish your pet's memories. Whether in times of laughter or moments of parting, within the familiarity of your home or amidst your travels, this everlasting companionship will continue to stretch its embrace, offering solace and connection beyond time and space.

Why Petamory

We invite you to step into a world of compassion and connection with Petamory. Explore the heartfelt voices of our beloved pet owners, as they share their genuine appreciation and excitement. Discover the profound impact we have on their pet's journey and let their words inspire you.

(Petamory) is moving as I miss my cat a lot and it's good to see it right in front of my eyes again!

Beatrice (Owner of Udon)

My dog grew up very fast: I want to create avators with different life stages as I don’t have much memories when it was young.

Kimmy (Owner of Mochi)

The MR is innovative and interesting, before I can only look through pictures of my dog, now I can interact with it again!

Kathy (Owner of Oreo)

Product Features

Mixed Reality 3D Pet Avatar – Unfolding Cherished Memories of Beloved Pets

Our cutting-edge technology creates a lifelike digital replica of your pet. By uploading your pet's photos, we can create a unique Mixed Reality Pet Avatar that flawlessly captures their most authentic essence. You can bring this everlasting companionship and rediscover every corner together. Petamory crafts a heartwarming bridge that guide you and your pet towards a lasting bond that endures across time and memories.

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A.I. Companion

Our A.I. Companion serves as a compassionate guide, assisting pet owners navigate through this difficult journey while ensuring pet's memory lives on forever in your heart.

At Petamory

About Us

The Petamory team operates as a subsidiary of Metamory Technology Limited, which has a deep commitment to honour the special connection between people. Our goal is to transform the way society views and grieves the loss of their beloved one, acknowledging their importance as beloved members of the family. We endeavour to build a supportive and inclusive community where the public can find solace, connect with others, and commemorate the enduring legacies of their cherished companions.

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